#59 Sidekiq Basics 2016-12-18

Sidekiq is a Ruby Background Processor that manages its queue with a Redis service. Learn the basics of Sidekiq and integrating it with ActiveJob.
rails performance background processing 0 Comments

#58 Mail Previews and Templates 2016-12-11

Using ActionMailer::Preview preview email samples without sending them. Using Zurb's Foundation for Emails, learn how to use email templates with the Ink framework.
rails email tests framework 5 Comments

#57 Getting Started - Ruby on Rails - Architectural Overview 2016-12-04

For beginners, learn the basic structure of a Ruby on Rails application and the request lifecycle. Learn how different components of a Rails application interact with each other.
rails development 2 Comments

#56 Redis Basics 2016-11-28

Redis within a Ruby on Rails application has many benefits. Learn to interact with Redis Server and set it up for caching within your application.
rails cache performance 7 Comments

#55 Charts and Graphs 2016-11-21

Learn how to use one of three charting libraries, Chart.js, Highcharts, or Google Charts, using the Chartkick gem to create simple and unobtrusive charts in your application.
rails javascript view 0 Comments