#67 Decoding and Interacting with Barcodes 2017-02-12

Using the QuaggaJS Library, learn how to scan and decode barcodes with your Ruby on Rails application. Using provided callbacks, interact with controller actions to provide a seamless experience.
rails javascript view ajax 20 Comments

#66 Managing Servers with Ansible 2017-02-05

A look into the Drifting Ruby network architecture and how I manage deployments with Ansible.
deployment 2 Comments

#65 Searchkick and Elasticsearch 2017-01-29

Add full text searching using Searchkick and Elasticsearch. Here I will show the steps involved in adding this search to an existing application and a sample of autocomplete functionality.
rails search performance 12 Comments

#64 Random Ruby Tips and Tricks 2017-01-22

A collection of different Ruby tips and tricks. Hope you find some of them useful!
ruby tricks tips 5 Comments

#63 Client Side Encryption 2017-01-15

Add an extra level of security to your application with client side encryption. Even over an SSL connection, there are attacks which could expose your users' sensitive information. Using JSEncrypt, learn how to encrypt on the client side and decrypt on the server side.
rails security javascript encryption 2 Comments