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Frequently asked questions.

Thank you for your support! The continuation of this site and its content isn't possible without your support! Some questions that you might have about the Pro subscription:

How is my credit card stored?

Our merchant services is Stripe for securely storing your credit card.

When will I be charged?

The recurring subscription will be anchored on the day of the month that you initially subscribed.

What happens when if I cancel?

Your subscription will be cancelled and no longer charged. You'll still have access to content until the end of the current subscription period.

How often will episodes be Pro?

The first week of the month will be a free episode. The other episodes will be released under the Pro subscription.

I want to see a topic covered? Will you do it?

Absolutely, if the topic is something that will be globally beneficial to others, I'll consider covering it. Historically, suggestions have been great and I've covered them. As a Pro subscriber, your suggestions will have higher priority.