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Recent Episodes

#104 Speeding Up Tests 2017-11-05

Slow tests can slow down your development process. Using parallel_tests, you can speed up your test suite by multiple threads and running the tests in groups.
rails test 1 Comment 4:54 min

#103 Sample Data with Factory Bot and Faker 2017-10-29

Factory Bot is a fixtures replacement which can generate the needed records directly in the tests. Faker can be used to create fake data for these records.
ruby rails test 0 Comments 8:07 min

#102 Feature Testing with Capybara 2017-10-22

Create Acceptance Tests or Feature Tests to extend your automated tests with browser testing. It can help tests some areas that cannot be reached with other types of tests.
rails test 0 Comments 14:40 min

Popular Episodes

#42 FullCalendar Events and Scheduling 2016-08-14

Learn how to incorporate FullCalendar into your Ruby on Rails application with listing and creating events. Using unobtrusive javascript, we can create a fast interactive calendar.
rails view calendar javascript ajax 53 Comments 14:19 min

#69 Ruby on Rails 5.1.0 Changes and New Features 2017-02-26

Upcoming features include Yarn/Webpack, System Tests via Capybara, Encrypted Secrets and a bunch of other cool things!
rails beta 2 Comments 12:00 min

#51 Rails API - Authentication with JWT 2016-10-23

Using the knock gem, we will add JWT Authentication to our Rails API Application.
rails api json authentication 31 Comments 7:31 min

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