#85 Working with Subdomains 2017-06-18

Learn to create a multi-tenant application where access to tenants are determined by the subdomain.
rails multitenancy 1 Comment 7:40 min

#84 Geocoding, Places and Maps 2017-06-11

Using the Geocoder gem and Google APIs, learn how to add some geolocation functionality to your application.
rails javascript api maps 3 Comments 11:29 min

#83 Autocomplete with HTML Results 2017-06-04

Working with an autocomplete can be very simple. However, things get complicated when you try to use HTML markup in the displayed results. Learn how to use HTML markup within your autocomplete results!
rails view form javascript 2 Comments 7:20 min

#82 DataTables 2017-05-29

The DataTables Javascript library creates a powerful display of your application's data. Some of the features include pagination, server side processing, sorting and search.
rails javascript tables view 8 Comments 15:55 min

#81 Bootstrap Framework and Ruby on Rails 2017-05-21

Using Bootstrap in your application has become much more simple. Also learn to create some helper methods to make working with Bootstrap much easier.
rails view css 5 Comments 9:18 min