#103 Sample Data with Factory Bot and Faker 10-29-2017

Factory Bot is a fixtures replacement which can generate the needed records directly in the tests. Faker can be used to create fake data for these records.
ruby rails test 0 Comments 8:07 min

#99 Creating a Basic Gem 9-24-2017

Gems are a packaged library of functions that can extend your application or provide other features to your system. Learn to create and publish a ruby gem.
ruby gem 0 Comments 9:32 min

#64 Random Ruby Tips and Tricks 1-22-2017

A collection of different Ruby tips and tricks. Hope you find some of them useful!
ruby tricks tips 5 Comments 10:34 min

#35 Importing and Exporting CSV Data 6-26-2016

Basics on importing and exporting CSV Data using Ruby and without gems.
ruby rails data 6 Comments 5:33 min

#34 Playing with JSON 6-19-2016

Some neat tips and tricks for interacting with and parsing JSON responses from an API.
ruby api json 1 Comment 3:01 min