#92 Restricting Access by IP Address 2017-08-06

Learn to lock down your application or parts of your application by IP Addresses.
rails security 1 Comment 4:22 min

#63 Client Side Encryption 2017-01-15

Add an extra level of security to your application with client side encryption. Even over an SSL connection, there are attacks which could expose your users' sensitive information. Using JSEncrypt, learn how to encrypt on the client side and decrypt on the server side.
rails security javascript encryption 2 Comments 10:31 min

#62 Security and Static Code Analyzers 2017-01-08

Whether you're preparing for a third-party security scan or already doing peer code reviews, you should always run brakeman scanner on your application to identify potential security vulnerabilities.
rails security 1 Comment 8:12 min

#52 Rails API - Throttling with Rack::Attack 2016-10-30

Save expensive calculation time using Rack::Attack, we will learn how to limit requests coming into our application. This gem not only limits requests, but can be used to blacklist or whitelist users as well.
rails api security 1 Comment 7:10 min

#47 Authorization with Pundit 2016-09-18

Prevent unauthorized access to your application with Pundit; an authorization library for Ruby on Rails which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access.
rails security authorization 0 Comments 6:31 min