#148 ActiveRecord Callbacks 8-26-2018

Callbacks are great for quickly tapping into the object life cycle. However, after a model or an application grows, it will become harder to maintain over time. It is better to extract the responsibility and separate the logic.
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#147 State Machines with AASM 8-19-2018

State Machines are useful for tracking the state of an object. With AASM, we take a dive into how states can transition as well as modifying states and interacting with them.
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#146 Rails API Documentation 8-12-2018

In this episode, we look at creating an interactive documentation for a Rails API.
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#145 Improving Partial Loading Performance 8-5-2018

N+1 queries can make an application slow. Having queries called within views can also slow down an app as well as making it less extendable.
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#144 Creating PDF files with WickedPDF 7-29-2018

Easily create PDF files within your Rails Application with Wicked PDF.
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