#157 Nested Comments from Scratch 10-28-2018

Using polymorphic associations, we can have comments assigned to a post as well as comments assigned to other comments.
pro rails model polymorphic associations series - social media 0 Comments

#156 Friend Requests Views, Controllers, and Model Methods 10-21-2018

Part II - In this episode, we create performant links for adding, accepting/rejecting and removing friends for our social media application.
pro view rails model series - social media controller 11 Comments

#155 Friend Requests From Scratch 10-14-2018

Part I - In this episode, we create our authentication for users, default view for authenticated users, friendship model, associations and scopes for our social media application.
pro rails model security series - social media 1 Comment

#154 Service Objects for API Interactions with Twilio 10-7-2018

In this episode, learn how to extract the interactions with an external API into a service object so that code is isolated and interchangeable.
free rails ruby api service objects 6 Comments

#153 Bundler and Binstubs 9-30-2018

In this episode, we look at some lesser known bundler commands including binstubs.
pro rails ruby gem 0 Comments