#81 Bootstrap Framework and Ruby on Rails 2017-05-21

Using Bootstrap in your application has become much more simple. Also learn to create some helper methods to make working with Bootstrap much easier.
rails view css 5 Comments 9:18 min

#80 Routing Partials 2017-05-14

The routes file can grow to be unmaintainable and messy. Learn to keep things organized by extracting out blocks of routes into their own files.
rails routes 10 Comments 4:30 min

#79 Mountable Engines 2017-05-07

Mountable Engines are a great way to extract code into its own namespace and allow the code to be reused in other applications. Other popular gems that are mountable engines are Devise and Doorkeeper.
rails view gem engine 2 Comments 9:23 min

#78 Counter Cache Associations 2017-05-01

When displaying a count of records, this will generate extra SQL Queries. Learn how to reduce the number of SQL queries called with counter caching the number of associated records.
rails model cache 3 Comments 3:54 min

#77 Cropping Images with JCrop 2017-04-23

Extend your image upload functionality with JCrop. Learn to redirect the user to a crop page once they have uploaded their image and save versions of the cropped images.
rails form javascript upload 4 Comments 7:00 min