#143 iOS Authentication with a Rails API 7-22-2018

In this episode, we look at creating an iOS Application which will communicate with the Rails API application from the previous episode.
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#142 Rails API Versioning 7-15-2018

Using the URI or Accept Headers, we can version our API to prevent breaking changes to our end users. In this episode, we look at versioning our RESTful API.
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#141 Observer Patterns 7-8-2018

The Observer pattern (also known as publish/subscribe) provides a simple mechanism for one object to inform a set of interested third-party objects when its state changes.
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#140 Editors 7-1-2018

One question that I get asked most often is what editor, theme and extensions am I using for my editor. In this episode, we take a look at the different extensions and settings that I use.
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#139 Search Encrypted Attributes with Blind Index 6-24-2018

Keeping client data protected is important, but once an attribute is encrypted, it becomes difficult to work with it. With Blind Index, we regain functionality on searching and validations.
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