#99 Creating a Basic Gem 9-24-2017

Gems are a packaged library of functions that can extend your application or provide other features to your system. Learn to create and publish a ruby gem.
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#98 Polymorphic Associations 9-17-2017

Advancing from Single Table Inheritance, learn how Polymorphic Associations differ and tricks to simplify their usage.
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#97 Single Table Inheritance 9-10-2017

Learn to use single table inheritance to allow multiple classes to be stored in the same database table.
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#96 Auditing with Paper Trail 9-4-2017

Using the paper_trail gem, track changes to model records for auditing purposes and rollback changes when required.
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#95 ActiveRecord Migrations 8-27-2017

This episode covers different tips and tricks around database migration files.
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