#70 Nested Forms from Scratch 3-5-2017

Learn how to handle multiple models in a single form with accepts_nested_attributes_for and learn how to add and remove nested records through JavaScript.
rails form javascript 4 Comments 9:48 min

#69 Ruby on Rails 5.1.0 Changes and New Features 2-26-2017

Upcoming features include Yarn/Webpack, System Tests via Capybara, Encrypted Secrets and a bunch of other cool things!
rails beta 2 Comments 12:00 min

#68 Working with Internationalization 2-19-2017

Adding translations into your website does not have to be hard. With Rails built in I18N functionality, we gain access to many helpers and conventions that makes it a much easier task. Learn how to add I18N into your Rails application.
rails i18n view 4 Comments 13:59 min

#67 Decoding and Interacting with Barcodes 2-12-2017

Using the QuaggaJS Library, learn how to scan and decode barcodes with your Ruby on Rails application. Using provided callbacks, interact with controller actions to provide a seamless experience.
rails javascript view ajax 23 Comments 11:40 min

#66 Managing Servers with Ansible 2-5-2017

A look into the Drifting Ruby network architecture and how I manage deployments with Ansible.
deployment 2 Comments 14:02 min