#94 Recurring Events with FullCalendar 8-20-2017

Create recurring events and interact with them on FullCalendar.
free rails view calendar javascript ajax 1 Comment

#93 Recurring Events with ice_cube 8-13-2017

ice_cube is a ruby library for easily handling repeated events and schedules.
free rails schedules 4 Comments

#92 Restricting Access by IP Address 8-6-2017

Learn to lock down your application or parts of your application by IP Addresses.
free rails security 1 Comment

#91 Custom Error Pages with Slack Notification 7-30-2017

Learn to use custom error pages to provide a similar look to your application. Get notified on Slack as errors occur to act on them before they're reported.
free rails api error background processing 3 Comments

#90 Benchmarking and Refactoring the content_for View Helper 7-23-2017

In a recent blog post, we looked into the content_for view helper to render breadcrumbs. Once we got the feature working, it's time to refactor the feature to lower technical debt.
free rails performance benchmark refactor 4 Comments