#65 Searchkick and Elasticsearch 1-29-2017

Add full text searching using Searchkick and Elasticsearch. Here I will show the steps involved in adding this search to an existing application and a sample of autocomplete functionality.
rails search performance 18 Comments 7:32 min

#64 Random Ruby Tips and Tricks 1-22-2017

A collection of different Ruby tips and tricks. Hope you find some of them useful!
ruby tricks tips 5 Comments 10:34 min

#63 Client Side Encryption 1-15-2017

Add an extra level of security to your application with client side encryption. Even over an SSL connection, there are attacks which could expose your users' sensitive information. Using JSEncrypt, learn how to encrypt on the client side and decrypt on the server side.
rails security javascript encryption 2 Comments 10:31 min

#62 Security and Static Code Analyzers 1-8-2017

Whether you're preparing for a third-party security scan or already doing peer code reviews, you should always run brakeman scanner on your application to identify potential security vulnerabilities.
rails security 1 Comment 8:12 min

#61 Periodic Tasks with sidekiq-cron 1-2-2017

Using a third-party add-on, sidekiq-cron, we can create periodic tasks to extend the functionality of sidekiq.
rails background processing 10 Comments 4:59 min