#89 Creating Custom Ruby on Rails Generators 7-16-2017

Simplify your workflow by using custom generators to streamline the creation of files and templates that you use often.
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#88 Virtual Columns with JSON Data Types 7-9-2017

Continuing from Episode #87, we take a deeper dive into virtual columns in Rails 5.1 and use them to parse JSON Data Types with adding indexes to the virtual column.
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#87 Virtual Columns in MySQL 7-2-2017

In Ruby on Rails 5.1.0, generated virtual column support was added for MySQL and MariaDB. Using generated and stored columns can leverage heavy calculations to the SQL side.
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#86 Plotting Points on a Map from Scratch 6-25-2017

Using the Google Maps Javascript API, learn how to plot markers onto a map. Load markers and info windows through AJAX calls to your Rails JSON API.
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#85 Working with Subdomains 6-18-2017

Learn to create a multi-tenant application where access to tenants are determined by the subdomain.
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