#25 Faye WebSockets - Part 2 2016-04-17

Learn how to install and configure a thin server within a Linux environment hosting a Faye WebSocket application. This episode includes showing you how to server your WebSockets over a secure SSL connection.
rails websockets realtime messaging notifications 0 Comments 6:46 min

#24 Fragment Caching 2016-04-14

Make your application faster by leveraging memory and caching fragments of your view.
rails caching performance 4 Comments 7:70 min

#23 UUID in Rails with ActiveUUID 2016-03-02

Some cases require non-auto incrementing primary keys as well as multiple master writes without id conflicts. With ActiveUUID, we can configure our table's primary key with confidence without added complexity.
rails uuid activerecord database 0 Comments 5:11 min

#22 Faye WebSockets - Part 1 2016-02-23

Using WebSockets, we are able to create a realtime notification between browsers. Useful for in-app messaging, chats, and more! Learn how to use Faye's Publish and Subscribe methods. I believe that this paves the way for successfully using and learning the upcoming ActionCable.
rails websockets realtime messaging notifications 2 Comments 7:70 min

#21 Not RJS and Turbolinks - Part 2 2015-11-25

A continuation from Episode 20 where we explore rendering the user's edit pages in a modal on a per request basis. Instead of rendering all modals for the users in the index, we will request them using remote javascript.
rails view performance javascript 0 Comments 6:90 min