#17 Dependent Form Fields 2015-09-02

Using unobtrusive javascript, we can hide certain fields on forms based on the selected values of other fields.
rails javascript view 1 Comment

#16 Complex Strong Parameters 2015-08-28

Make your strong parameters do more by extracting the logic in order to maximize the ability and security of your application.
rails security parameters 2 Comments

#15 Refile Uploads with Progress Bar 2015-08-23

Adding progress bars to your Refile uploader is easy thanks to the included javascript library from Refile. Learn how to add progress bars to your application.
rails view uploads 1 Comment

#14 Securing File Uploads 2015-08-22

Be default, Refile does not have a way to secure file downloads. It relies on a generated hash that is unknown to users unless the page renders that image or has a download to that file. This is okay sometimes, however, protecting the file from being downloaded for those who have the URL is a bit more involved.
rails security uploads 0 Comments

#13 Uploading Files with Refile 2015-08-19

Refile is a modern file upload library for Ruby applications. It is simple, yet powerful. This episode covers the basics of uploading and displaying images. Next episodes will cover protecting files and progress bars.
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