#51 Rails API - Authentication with JWT 2016-10-23

Using the knock gem, we will add JWT Authentication to our Rails API Application.
rails api json authentication 31 Comments 7:31 min

#50 Rails API - Active Model Serializer 2016-10-16

Using ActiveModel::Serializer, learn how to create the JSON responses for your Rails API application. ASM is a great object oriented approach to building a JSON API.
rails api json 2 Comments 7:53 min

#49 Rails API Basics 2016-10-02

A brief introduction on Rails API. Learn how to create an API application and setup the routes. This episode is paving the way for more in depth looks into Rails API.
rails api routes 4 Comments 5:28 min

#48 Version Control with Git Flow 2016-09-25

Using Git Flow, learn how to work with branches and organize your changes. Once you have completed features, learn how to merge them back into a develop branch and prepare for a release to your master branch.
version control git 3 Comments 6:33 min

#47 Authorization with Pundit 2016-09-18

Prevent unauthorized access to your application with Pundit; an authorization library for Ruby on Rails which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access.
rails security authorization 0 Comments 6:31 min