#72 Intro to Docker on Windows 2017-03-19

Developing a Ruby on Rails application on Windows can be difficult, but doesn't have to be with Docker. Learn how to use Docker to create isolated containers and get them to talk with the Rails app and passed through to the local computer.
rails development deployment 1 Comment

#71 Nested Forms with Cocoon 2017-03-12

Using the unobtrusive gem, Cocoon, learn how to handle multiple models in a single form with accepts_nested_attributes_for.
rails form javascript 2 Comments

#70 Nested Forms from Scratch 2017-03-05

Learn how to handle multiple models in a single form with accepts_nested_attributes_for and learn how to add and remove nested records through JavaScript.
rails form javascript 4 Comments

#69 Ruby on Rails 5.1.0 Changes and New Features 2017-02-26

Upcoming features include Yarn/Webpack, System Tests via Capybara, Encrypted Secrets and a bunch of other cool things!
rails beta 2 Comments

#68 Working with Internationalization 2017-02-19

Adding translations into your website does not have to be hard. With Rails built in I18N functionality, we gain access to many helpers and conventions that makes it a much easier task. Learn how to add I18N into your Rails application.
rails i18n view 3 Comments