#6 attr_encrypted 2015-07-26

Protecting your data within your database has never been easier. With attr_encrypted, you can easily add a level of security to your application without much refactoring.
rails security 2 Comments 4:11 min

#5 Florrick 2015-07-24

This is a Rails library which integrates with Active Records and provides some awesome user-initiated string interpolations for your web apps. For example, have you ever needed to allow users to insert their own variables into e-mail templates or messages?
rails model strings 0 Comments 6:28 min

#4 Serialized Attributes 2015-07-22

Store multiple attributes and values using a text column. Not for everyday use, but has situations where it can save on the number of columns and/or models needed to accomplish a task.
rails model 1 Comment 12:04 min

#3 ActionCable on Production 2015-07-20

Taking a look at ActionCable and switching from Puma to Thin. On server reboot, spin up the ActionCable service.
streaming rails websockets 5 Comments 6:13 min

#2 Impressionist 2015-07-19

A lightweight plugin that logs impressions per action or manually per model
view analytics rails 3 Comments 5:50 min