#96 Auditing with Paper Trail 9-4-2017

Using the paper_trail gem, track changes to model records for auditing purposes and rollback changes when required.
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#95 ActiveRecord Migrations 8-27-2017

This episode covers different tips and tricks around database migration files.
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#88 Virtual Columns with JSON Data Types 7-9-2017

Continuing from Episode #87, we take a deeper dive into virtual columns in Rails 5.1 and use them to parse JSON Data Types with adding indexes to the virtual column.
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#87 Virtual Columns in MySQL 7-2-2017

In Ruby on Rails 5.1.0, generated virtual column support was added for MySQL and MariaDB. Using generated and stored columns can leverage heavy calculations to the SQL side.
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#53 Database Index Optimization and Migration Maintenance 11-6-2016

Adding indexes to your databases can increase the SQL search performance on your tables. As your application grows, migration files can become out of hand, use squasher to squish them down to a single file.
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