#13 Uploading Files with Refile 2015-08-19

Refile is a modern file upload library for Ruby applications. It is simple, yet powerful. This episode covers the basics of uploading and displaying images. Next episodes will cover protecting files and progress bars.
rails uploads 0 Comments 3:17 min

#12 Static Pages with High Voltage 2015-08-10

Creating Static Pages within your Rails application is easy and configurable with High Voltage.
rails view 1 Comment 5:11 min

#11 Annotate 2015-08-07

With strong params replacing attr_accessible, a difficulty has arisen with referencing to the structure of your models. With annotate, we can generate the structure of our models in the comments of our models.
rails model documentation 0 Comments 2:56 min

#10 Invisible Captcha 2015-08-02

Part of a good User Experience is making your application easy to use for your users. However, a few bad apples often cause a hinderance to your UX/UI by the addition of Captchas. Learn how to create invisible captchas to protect your forms while delivering a good UX.
rails form security 0 Comments 4:47 min

#9 ActiveJob 2015-07-30

ActiveJob is a built in wrapper within Rails 4 for your background processors. By adding this layer to your application, swapping background processors is much easier as you will only be affecting a limited number of files.
rails activejob background processing 1 Comment 5:24 min