#20 Not RJS and Turbolinks 11-9-2015

Using Javascript responses, we can make our Rails application have a quick and responsive Single Page Application feel to it.
rails javascript performance 2 Comments 8:55 min

#19 Deleting and Undeleting with Paranoia 10-7-2015

When your app is using Paranoia, calling destroy on an ActiveRecord object doesn't actually destroy the database record, but just hides it.
rails view model 0 Comments 7:34 min

#18 Caching with Dalli 9-22-2015

Dalli is a great interface for Memcached through Ruby.
rails performance caching 3 Comments 6:46 min

#17 Dependent Form Fields 9-2-2015

Using unobtrusive javascript, we can hide certain fields on forms based on the selected values of other fields.
rails javascript view 1 Comment 4:19 min

#16 Complex Strong Parameters 8-28-2015

Make your strong parameters do more by extracting the logic in order to maximize the ability and security of your application.
rails security parameters 2 Comments 4:52 min