#77 Cropping Images with JCrop 2017-04-23

Extend your image upload functionality with JCrop. Learn to redirect the user to a crop page once they have uploaded their image and save versions of the cropped images.
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#76 Javascript Select Form Fields with Chosen 2017-04-16

Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Learn how to use Chosen in a few different ways in this episode; Rails form builder and Simple Form.
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#75 Drag and Drop with Interact.js 2017-04-09

Using Interact.js to create draggable and droppable items in our view, we can use AJAX callbacks on events to interact with our Ruby on Rails application. Also, learn how to use Ruby Assets to manage our Javascript Libraries.
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#74 Page Specific Javascript in Ruby on Rails 2017-04-02

Sometimes you may find yourself with an application that has javascript that needs to execute only on a specific page. This episode lays the foundation to easily manage page specific javascript.
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#73 Pagination with Kaminari 2017-03-26

When displaying a significant number of records, it is often a basic functions in a web application is to paginate the records and load them as requested.
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