Development and Production Environments

Developing Ruby on Rails application is now viable on any platform today; whether it is macOS, Windows or Linux. We all have different requirements which may determine which kind of platform we use to develop on. This series will cover various platforms including Kubernetes and Docker.
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2hr 29min Remaining
  1. Intro to Docker on Windows
    11:19 CC

    #72 Mar 19, 2017

    Developing a Ruby on Rails application on Windows can be difficult, but doesn't have to be with Docker. Learn how to use Docker to create isolated containers and get them to talk with the Rails app and passed through to the local computer.
    • 11min
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  2. In Depth with Docker Compose
    28:58 CC

    #226 Jan 26, 2020

    A deep dive into using Docker to streamline your Ruby on Rails 6 development environment.
    • 28min
    • 24
    • 5

  3. Introduction to Kubernetes
    27:09 CC

    #181 Apr 7, 2019

    In this episode, we take a tour of what Kubernetes is, how to install and configure a local development instance, and deploying a sample application.
    • 27min
    • 18
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  4. Production Deployment on Ubuntu
    16:15 CC

    #31 May 30, 2016

    A guide to configure your Ubuntu installation and deploy a Ruby on Rails application. Lock down the settings to prevent unwanted access.
    • 16min
    • 17
    • 9

  5. Ruby on Rails Development with Microsoft Windows 10
    8:05 CC

    #132 May 6, 2018

    Developing a Ruby on Rails application on Windows can be difficult, but doesn't have to be with Bash on Windows. Learn how to use Bash to install the Ruby interpreter.
    • 8min
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  6. Getting Started - Ruby on Rails - Development Environment
    8:22 CC

    #54 Nov 13, 2016

    Here is a simple workflow of setting up a new development environment. From Homebrew, ZSH, Atom, and RVM, learn how to easily get your macOS environment up and running.
    • 8min
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  7. Dot Files
    14:35 CC

    #415 Aug 20, 2023

    Dot files are important for customizing our development experience and in this episode, we'll have a look at the .zshrc, .gemrc, .railsrc, and .irbrc dot files and how we can customize them to make our development life easier.
    • 14min
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  8. Developing in Docker
    34:28 CC

    #414 Aug 13, 2023

    I use Docker every day and it has make my development workflow much simpler. I don't have to deal with conflicts or issues with macOS since everything is containerized. Before, I would fight my host operating system with mismatched dependencies and configuration problems, but using Docker during my development workflow has simplified things. In this episode, we'll run through how I use Docker on Rails applications and some of the tricks I use to solve the nuances of this approach.
    • 34min
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