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#206 Creating and Publishing a Stimulus Controller Library 9-8-2019

In this episode, we create a public StimulusJS Controller and publish it to NPM to that it can be shared and reused in other applications.
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#205 Push Notifications with ActionCable 9-1-2019

In this episode, we look into using Push Notifications within our Rails application and then using ActionCable to broadcast Push Notifications to the user.
free rails websockets notifications actioncable 0 Comments

#204 3D Secure 2 Credit Cards and Stripe Checkout 8-25-2019

Banks which require further authentication on transactions may decline charges if Strong Customer Authentication is not being performed on 3D Secure enabled Credit Cards. In this episode, we look at adding Stripe Checkout and webhooks to our Rails application.
pro ruby payments webhooks 1 Comment

#203 AWS Security Groups and Deploying Rails 6 to Beanstalk 8-18-2019

Back in Episode #106, we configured and deployed to a very simple AWS Beanstalk environment. However, in this episode, we take things a bit further and explore security groups, an existing database and redis service. Also, there are a few changes that we have to do in order to get Rails 6 working within Beanstalk.
pro rails production deploy deployment aws 4 Comments

#202 SweetAlerts in Rails 6 8-11-2019

Sometimes adding a javascript library can be difficult because either it's not a straightforward process or some of the blog articles are either outdated or don't work properly. In this episode, we look at adding SweetAlerts into a Rails 6 application with Webpacker.
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