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Deferred Content Loading 10:21

#265 Deferred Content Loading 10-25-2020

Learn to load slow content in the background so that your application still responds quickly while the heavy calculations are being done. Give quick responsiveness and optional polling to partials.
pro rails stimulusjs

Database Encoding 10:46

#264 Database Encoding 10-18-2020

In this episode, we look at the encoding and some problems that an older Ruby on Rails application may face when it comes to storing emojis and how to fix them.
pro database rails

StimulusJS, Active Storage and DropzoneJS 14:01

#263 StimulusJS, Active Storage and DropzoneJS 10-11-2020

DropzoneJS is an open source library that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews. It's lightweight, highly customizable and doesn't have any dependencies.
pro active storage rails stimulusjs uploads

Benchmark Ruby Code 12:39

#262 Benchmark Ruby Code 10-4-2020

It's easy to accidentally write slow code in our applications. In this episode, we look at how we can benchmark our code and examples of some methods which are slower than others.
free benchmark performance ruby

Testing Stripe Payments 17:12

#261 Testing Stripe Payments 9-27-2020

Continuing from the previous episode, we add testing to the Stripe Payments without adding any additional dependencies.
pro payments rails tests