#178 Using Webpacker in Rails 6 3-17-2019

Webpacker is a great addition in Rails. However, it adds some complexities with libraries and older gems with javascript assets. In this episode, we look at using webpacker in different scenarios.
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#177 Interview with Jesus Castello 3-15-2019

Jesus Castello talks about the Roda Framework, its uses and stats around its performance.
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#176 Ecommerce Store with Solidus 3-10-2019

Overview of Solidus, a maintained fork of Spree, showing how to configure and work with this Rails Engine.
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#175 What's New in Rails 6 3-3-2019

Overview of notable features coming soon in Ruby on Rails 6.
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#174 React Native and Ruby on Rails API Only Applications 2-24-2019

In this episode, we look at building a React Native application from scratch and tie it to a Ruby on Rails API application. Using the iOS Simulator, we test out the connectivity between the two applications.
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