#184 Load Testing with JMeter 4-21-2019

Load Testing is an important aspect of due diligence when hosting a production application. It can also help uncover infrastructure requirements and server costs.
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#182 Interview Questions 4-14-2019

In this episode, we look at various questions asked during interviews.
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#180 3 Different Perspectives of Importing Records 3-31-2019

In this episode, we look at 3 different ways of importing data into a Rails application; each having their own use cases, drawbacks and benefits.
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#179 Creating a Gem From Existing Code 3-24-2019

In this episode, we look at a process for extracting business logic out of a Ruby on Rails application into a gem.
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#178 Using Webpacker in Rails 6 3-17-2019

Webpacker is a great addition in Rails. However, it adds some complexities with libraries and older gems with javascript assets. In this episode, we look at using webpacker in different scenarios.
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