#193 Environment Specific Encrypted Credentials in Rails 5.2 6-16-2019

A more simplief and better retake of Episode #123 where we look at the upcoming Rails 6 changes with encrypted credentials and how to apply it to a Rails 5.2 application.
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#192 Persistent Referral Links with Devise 6-9-2019

In this episode we create a referral system with permanent links. Users can sign up with referral links which tracks the relationship between the referer and the person referred.
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#190 Realtime Client Updates from Background Jobs with Stimulus 5-26-2019

Using RailsUJS, ActiveJob, ActionCable and Stimulus, we create a realtime feedback for background jobs running to provide a better user experience.
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#189 Saving Individual Attributes with StimulusJS 5-19-2019

In this episode, we take a look at recreating a feature on Zoom's setting page where clicking a check box automatically saves the changed setting.
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#187 Extending the Rails Core Form Builder 5-12-2019

In this episode, we build a custom form builder to extend and add functionality our forms to display errors inline with the form inputs.
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