#183 Interview with Frank Rietta 4-17-2019

In this interview, Frank Rietta, a security expert in web applications, talks about various recommendations for securing a Ruby on Rails application. Many areas are explored from code, staff, servers and infrastructure.
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#181 Introduction to Kubernetes 4-7-2019

In this episode, we take a tour of what Kubernetes is, how to install and configure a local development instance, and deploying a sample application.
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#177 Interview with Jesus Castello 3-15-2019

Jesus Castello talks about the Roda Framework, its uses and stats around its performance.
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#175 What's New in Rails 6 3-3-2019

Overview of notable features coming soon in Ruby on Rails 6.
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#171 What the RegEx? 2-3-2019

In this episode, we look at different ways to use pattern matching with Regular Expressions in Ruby.
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