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Stephane PAQUET PRO said over 1 year ago on Direct Upload Instantly :
  I'm not sure the token is still required in Rails 7.0.2 I was building an app few days ago and found out that you can remove it...
Also, if planning to use it it seems that you can write const token =; inside the stimulus controller (Rails 7 required) and avoid writing an helper method to generate the token and declaring it in the form.

Stephane PAQUET PRO said about 1 year ago on Real-time Comments and Voting :
  nelsonchavespro I do not think so. From what I found out, you have to implement this logic in a Stimulus controller. There is an example from DHH in a comment about this feature request in GitHub.
Here is a thread about this topic on Reddit with all the links I found: feel free to contradict me if you find a better way.

Stephane PAQUET PRO said about 1 year ago on Hotwire Question and Answer Feature :
Very quick question regarding the answers route.
Why not adding shallow: true to it so that edit and delete can be performed by just knowing the answer id. After the answer is created, there is no need to carry the question id when it comes to edit or delete it, no?

Stephane PAQUET PRO said 12 months ago on Downloading Cloud Database :
What tools would you recommend to obfuscate sensitive data when dumping a database? I know there are some gems, but not sure how they would fit in this process.

Stephane PAQUET PRO said 4 months ago on Creating Embedded Iframes :
It looks like a few things have changed over the last few months and `headers["X-Frame-Options"] = "allowall"` does not seem to be working anymore with recent browsers.

I found this Stackoverflow article about the topic and it appears that the "new" way of doing it is by overloading a Content Security Policy.

I ended up with the following content_security_policy.rb file
Rails.application.configure do
  config.content_security_policy do |policy|
    policy.default_src :self
    policy.frame_ancestors 'self', "*"

You can also decide to not override the property on a case by case (controller level).

I still have one issue: making it work with nested routes
  resources :events do
    resources :questions, shallow: true
the render template code in the example does not seem to be working as the URL is events/:event_id/questions :-(
But I will get something working at some point.