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Schwad said about 7 years ago on Pagination with Kaminari :

That's really cool, fired up a toy app just to play with Kaminari following this. Thanks for the screencast!

Schwad said about 7 years ago on Drag and Drop with Interact.js :

This episode is amazing, great work. Lately I have been thinking about better ways to manage javascript and also venturing out into some of the more responsive front end stuff (really not wanting to do the full dive into Angular or React, etc), so this was a very valuable episode. Thank you!

Schwad said about 7 years ago on Dependent Form Fields :

I'm bookmarking this episode the next time I want to enable or disable things in forms on an application... Currently I'd just whip in some JS with a few listeners that toggles things from enabled to disabled.... But I'd much more prefer this! Thanks!

Schwad said about 7 years ago on Decoding and Interacting with Barcodes :

Holy cow, that is an incredible episode, thanks!

Schwad said almost 7 years ago on ActiveRecord Migrations :

REALLY enjoyed this episode, thanks so much for diving into migrations and showing us a lot of the cool out-of-the-box power we have at our fingertips with Rails! :)