#73 Pagination with Kaminari


When displaying a significant number of records, it is often a basic functions in a web application is to paginate the records and load them as requested.
rails view 2:37


Gemfilegem 'kaminari'
Terminal# Generate the kaminari config
rails g kaminari:config

# Generate kaminari views
rails g kaminari:views bootstrap3
users_controller.rb  def index
    @users = User.order(:last_name).page(params[:page])
index.html.erb<%= paginate @users %>
user.rbclass User < ApplicationRecord
  paginates_per 5

Pavan Prakash CS said almost 2 years ago:

Thanks for helping the starters like me with your great work. Can you please do a video on infinite scroll with kaminari? The example used in the wiki of the gem is very old and the JavaScript library is not maintained anymore. 

kobaltz PRO said almost 2 years ago:

Have a look at https://www.driftingruby.com/episodes/infinite-scrolling

It uses `will_paginate` but `kaminari` should be a fairly simple drop in with some minor changes.

Pavan Prakash CS said almost 2 years ago:

Thanks for the reply. Thumbs up for all your help. 

Schwad said almost 2 years ago:

That's really cool, fired up a toy app just to play with Kaminari following this. Thanks for the screencast!

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