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sadiqmmm said over 7 years ago on Version Control with Git Flow :

Hi Dave, amazing screencast on Git flow. Thank you for creating such an informative screen cast on git flow. Looking forward for more videos on git and rubyonrails.

sadiqmmm said over 7 years ago on Rails API Basics :

Thank you bro for really amazing video on RAILS API.

Looking for more videos on RAILS API. As you said RAILS API with devise and IOS App.

Waiting for the next videos..

sadiqmmm said about 7 years ago on Geocoding, Places and Maps :

Thanks a lot :)

sadiqmmm said almost 7 years ago on Working with Subdomains :

Thanks a lot.

It really helped me. You're an amazing guy.

sadiqmmm said over 6 years ago on Basic Testing Introduction in Rails :

Amazing! Thanks for all the videos you have created. Congratulations for the 100th video :)