#84 Geocoding, Places and Maps


Using the Geocoder gem and Google APIs, learn how to add some geolocation functionality to your application.
rails javascript api maps 11:29


Geocoder Site - http://www.rubygeocoder.com/
Geocoder Github - https://github.com/alexreisner/geocoder
Google Developer Console - https://console.developers.google.com
Source - https://github.com/driftingruby/084-geocoding-places-and-maps

Forgot to mention in the video that there is a collection on the places resource in the routes. This is part of the request to get the list of nearby places.

routes.rbRails.application.routes.draw do
  resources :places do
    collection do
      put :get_locations
  root 'places#index'


Gemfilegem 'geocoder'

Add Latitude and Longitude floats to your model.

Terminal# rails g scaffold places name address latitude:float longitude:float
- or -
# rails g migration add_coordinates_to_places latitude:float longitude:float

# rails db:migrate
place.rbclass Place < ApplicationRecord
  geocoded_by :address
  after_validation :geocode, if: :address_changed?
rails consolePlace.near("Big Ben")
place = Place.first
place.distance_to("Eiffel Tower")

Generate Geocoder Config

Terminalrails generate geocoder:config
index.html.erb  <%= content_tag :tbody, id: :places do %>
    <%= render @places %>
  <% end %>


<%= content_tag :button, 'Get Places', class: 'btn btn-info get_location' %>
<%= tag :div, class: 'location_results_list' %>
get_places.coffee@getPlaces = ->
  failure = ->
    alert 'problem getting location' 
  $('.get_location').each (index) ->
    $(this).on 'click', (event) ->
      if navigator.geolocation
        navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition ((position) ->
            type: 'PUT'
            url: '/places/get_locations' + '?latitude=' + position.coords.latitude + '&longitude=' + position.coords.longitude
        ), failure,
          enableHighAccuracy: true
          timeout: 5000

$(document).on('turbolinks:load', @getPlaces)

@createPlace = ->
  $('.location_results_list button').on 'click', (event) ->
    data = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify($(this).data('attributes')))
    $.ajax '/places', 
      type: 'POST'
      dataType: 'script'
      data: {
        place: {
          name: data['name']
          address: data['vicinity']
          latitude: data['geometry']['location']['lat']
          longitude: data['geometry']['location']['lng']
      success: (data, status) ->
        # console.log 'Data: ' + data + '\nStatus: ' + status

places_controller.rb  def get_locations
    url = "https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/nearbysearch/json?location=#{params[:latitude]},#{params[:longitude]}&radius=500&key=#{Rails.application.secrets.google_places_key}"
    http_call = open(url).read
    response = JSON.parse(http_call, {:symbolize_names => true})
    @locations = response[:results]
routes.rbRails.application.routes.draw do
  resources :places do
    collection do
      put :get_locations
  root 'places#index'
get_locations.js.erb<% @locations.each do |loc| %>
  $('.location_results_list').append('<li><button data-attributes="<%= j loc.to_json.to_s %>"><%= loc[:name] %></button></li>');
<% end %>
create.js.erb$('#places').append('<%= j render @place %>');
show.html.erb<%= image_tag "http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?size=450x300&sensor=false&zoom=16&markers=#{@place.latitude}%2C#{@place.longitude}" %>

sadiqmmm said over 1 year ago:

Thanks a lot :)

Nickiam said over 1 year ago:

This was great, thanks for making this Dave!

I'm definitely interested in seeing more videos involving maps and Geocoding!

Rubén Ibáñez Carmona said over 1 year ago:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for this episode, I'm a huge fan of your way of coding rails.

I was wondering if geocoder could also be used for the classical autocompletion forms with addresses (you select the country, then it gives you the states for that country, then the regions for the selected state and finally the cities).

It looks like a very common task, but I havent seen any gem specific for that (city-state looks very uncompleted and non-flexible).

Thanks a lot,


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