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ternggio95 said about 6 years ago on WYSIWYG Editor with Summernote :
I have tried to implement summernote, everything works fine. But I tried to send it as an email, the image in the received email was broken, how do I solve this? I'm not sure whether want to add attachment in mailer.rb and does anyone figure it out? Thanks.

ternggio95 said over 3 years ago on Hotwire :
I'm using datepicker and it's broken when the form is replaced. How to solve that?

ternggio95 said over 3 years ago on Hotwire :
Yes I have a separate JS file and doing something like turbo:load, it works when navigating between pages, but the datepicker is broken when replacing the frame, still can't figure it out as I'm not familiar with stimulus.

ternggio95 said over 3 years ago on Avatars :
Are you giving the wrong source code?

ternggio95 said about 3 years ago on Diving into Hotwire :
How to update <%= @products.count %> with turbo stream when a new product is created?