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Simon Kiteley PRO said over 1 year ago on Referencing Stimulus controllers in a gem :
Just looked at episode 206... that will do me well. I suppose if I need a gem, for concerns etc, I can make it so you include the bits needed to get the javascript. Do something like add the appropriate lines to the /app/javascript/packs/application.js file etc. 

Simon Kiteley PRO said 8 months ago on Dabbling with Turbo :
I've resisted going to Turbo so far (not that I see it as bad but development timescales to convert projects etc) but it really seems to many situations easily now. Now to choose the first project...

Thanks for the video.

Simon Kiteley PRO said 7 months ago on From Editor to IDE :
No idea why. Debugging seems to work great on Rails 6 but not for Rails 7. All my projects are still on Rails 6... so no big problem at the moment. 

Simon Kiteley PRO said 6 months ago on Turbo Native for iOS :
I'd like to see the Android version. Cheers Simon

Simon Kiteley PRO said 5 months ago on SweetAlerts in Rails 6 :
Anyone had any luck with sweet alerts and Turbo?