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RailsCod3rFuture said almost 3 years ago on Capturing Signatures with Signature Pad :

Greetings, I enjoyed watching your tutorial on signature pad. What I was wondering is how do you convert the signature into a PNG and store it alongside the form? I found some code below, but I was wondering if you had a better solution that I can use or is this good enough? Since I am running a SaaS company, I need the optimal way of implementing this feature. If possible, can you post the solution in the comments? Thank you

Controller File

@yourmodel.signature = tempfileend
  input.puts instructions
Open3.popen3("convert -size 600x100 xc:transparent -stroke blue -draw @- #{tempfile.path}") do |input, output, error|
tempfile =["signature", '.png'])
instructions = JSON.parse(params[:output]).map { |h| "line #{h['mx'].to_i},#{h['my'].to_i} #{h['lx'].to_i},#{h['ly'].to_i}" } * ' '


rails generate uploader Signature

mount_uploader :signature, SignatureUploader

RailsCod3rFuture said over 2 years ago on Charts and Graphs :

Greetings, I enjoyed your video on Chartkick, it's very informative. What I would like your advice on, is how do I use Chartkick alongside the Impressionist gem. To be more clear. I would like to graph the impressions of different pages. Lets say for example, the user show page.  I would like to get the

<%= line_chart current_user.impressionist_count, refresh: 60, xtitle: 'Monthly Profile View Count', ytitle: 'Amount of Views' %>

This approach isn't working for me. I need to be able to get the impressions count with scopes for days, weeks and months and years. I'm currently using Postgres. I've been searching for an approach all day long, to no avail.  If I'm able to use the scopes across model types like Product show page, etc. That would be great. Thanks again!

Impressionist documentation

RailsCod3rFuture said over 2 years ago on Charts and Graphs :

The group_by_day & and group_by_month, methods are not being found for some reason. It throws an undefined method error for model, when I try to use the it in my view. I don't know if its an issue with the gem or Postgres compatibility.


RailsCod3rFuture said over 2 years ago on Charts and Graphs :

Your method is working perfectly in the rails console. I will test in the view today. Thanks.

RailsCod3rFuture said over 1 year ago on User Notifications :

If its not too much to ask. Can you please make a similar video for activity_notification gem? Its almost identical to this one, but it may be more optimized.