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Patrick said about 6 years ago on Additional Dependencies in Beanstalk :

Well done! Invaluable knowledgment! Please, more PRO episodes about beanstalk! It's fantastic!!!! Regards and thank you!

Patrick said over 3 years ago on Reusable Ruby on Rails Application Templates :
Very nice project and initiative!

Patrick said almost 3 years ago on Hotwire :
The best tutorial so far! Thank a lot!

Patrick said over 2 years ago on Direct Upload Instantly :
Nice episode! But what happens when you add presence validations to name (or email) field, and submit the form only leaving these fields blank after upload the image? I'm getting the MessageVerifier-InvalidSignature. Have any solutions for that?

Patrick said about 2 years ago on From Webpacker to esbuild :
Very nice episode!! Thanks for share!