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naveedkakal said almost 2 years ago:

If I had sidekiq-pro, would this still be a good solution for scheduled jobs?  Or is there a built in sidekiq scheduler with pro?

I have been using the clockwork gem, but it requires me to maintain a 'special' mode, along with the gem author recently stopping maintenance on it.  Looking for alternatives and this definitely looks up my alley, thanks.

kobaltz PRO said almost 2 years ago:

I don't think that sidekiq-pro offers recurring jobs.

For terminology sake, a scheduled job would be the result of an action telling the background processor to schedule the job for a later time. For example, if a new user signs up for your application, you can set a scheduled job to thank the user for signing up and give some tips about your application 24 hours after they sign up.

A recurring job or periodic task, would be something where you are wanting to perform a task every x intervals. For example, if you have a ToDo list application and you want to send a notification to your users every morning with an overview of what they still need to do or have completed the previous day, sidekiq-cron would be a good fit for the job.

You should be able to use sidekiq-cron along side sidekiq-pro. However, if you're using sidekiq-enterprise, there is no need for sidekiq-cron since this functionality is built into sidekiq-enterprise.