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mark.nelson PRO said 10 months ago on Shopping Cart with Turbo :
Very nicely thought out and presented. Thank you.

mark.nelson PRO said 10 months ago on FullCalendar with StimulusJS :
Wanted to see if this would work with Rails 7 and ES Build. Can get the calendar to render but  without Bootstrap the styling is incorrect. It is not obvious from the FullCalendar site what a base configuration for CSS should be (and none seemed to work). Any ideas on how to proceed to get a minimum Tailwind CSS configuration that will render this properly?

The FullCalendar site does give some guidance on ES6 build here: https://fullcalendar.io/docs/initialize-es6 but this does not cover CSS.

This link is relevant: https://github.com/fullcalendar/fullcalendar/issues/5868