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Kris Chery said over 2 years ago on users Decoding and Interacting with Barcodes :
Hi, I am new to the rails + barcode projects . I am looking to build a member tracking system for a gym; the features are the same as this video initiate or retrieve based on barcodes . I am using the code from this forum to get things working. I cant seem to get the barcode reader to work properly. The barcode scanner is having a hard time capturing the barcode and when it does; it returns a false positive. ( It keeps scanning the same barcode but i get different results which isnt good for creating or retrieving records) I am working on a mac book pro 2012 using the FaceTime Video Camera to barcodes. I am using chrome for a browser. I also made sure that the decoder is set up for code39 readers. Is there any way someone can help me figure this out?