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[email protected] said about 3 years ago on FullCalendar Events and Scheduling :

First of all Great episode and thank you for these wonderful videos!

Question:  How do i populate calendar with recurring events if: 

I'm using ice_cube gem to build reccuring events in my rails app. i can get my recurring events to be created and show with this: 

            - @event.converted_schedule.occurrences_between(@ event.start_date, @ event.end_date).each do |date|

              = date.strftime("%A %B %d, %Y")

where i can get all the recurrences. 

I dont know how to do it! Can you please offer some suggestions? I'm a beginner in programming!

thanks again


[email protected] said over 2 years ago on Recurring Events with FullCalendar :

Great Episode! Can you please make an episode where you integrate search for recurring  records? Im using ice_cube and want to create a recurring object and then search for different instances of it based on start_date and end_date lets say. As of now im creating a different object for each recurrence which is highly inefficient, but was having problems searching for the recurrences of the object based on date and filtering and also updating and showing on full calendar. Im sorry if im not very clear. i hope you get an idea about what i want to achieve! Thank you so much again for all your episodes! I've learned a lot watching your episodes. Thanks for doing them and keeping them free!