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KelseyDH said almost 4 years ago on Testing with RSpec :
Controller tests are no longer recommended for rspec -- they recommend request specs instead.

KelseyDH said over 3 years ago on Application Performance Monitoring in Rails :
If you have asyncronously loaded Javascript on your page you need to performance test, which load tester will work with this? I don't believe JMeter loads JS when it hits the page so its results might be misleading. Any help much appreciated!!

KelseyDH said over 3 years ago on Load Testing with JMeter :
How do I configure JMeter to load Javascript on my front-end, so that I can get results for it from JMeter or New Relic's front-end Browser performance JS widget?

KelseyDH said over 3 years ago on API Structure and Error Handling :
I use the same pattern but skip the concern in `application_controller`, because I've never found concerns useful unless you have exactly repeating code needed in many places. Concerns are concerning!

KelseyDH said almost 3 years ago on Associations and Mathematical Business Logic :
I like to create a generic class for handling the class method / initialization aspect of the service, to simplify those classes.  E.g.:

class ServiceObject


  def call
    raise NotImplementedError

  def perform



module Car
  class CalculatePrice < ServiceObject

def initialize(foo) @foo = foo end def call # do something end
end end