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itsterry PRO said 12 months ago on Adding Custom Buttons to Action Text :
Hi Dave

This is a great tutorial: thank you!

I'd love to see how you'd go about adding table functionality to Trix. It's something that many people have been looking for without success over the past few years (https://github.com/basecamp/trix/issues/539). 

I've tried looking at it myself (the Trix homepage at Github is useful), but my JavaScript skills aren't all they should be!


itsterry PRO said 7 months ago on Hotwire Dashboards :
Dave, that was fabulous. Thank you

itsterry PRO said 5 months ago on Wordle Clone :
32 minutes of brilliance. Thank you, Dave

itsterry PRO said 3 months ago on Secure User Passwords :
Nice tutorial, Dave. Thank you

itsterry PRO said 3 months ago on Limiting Text Input :
Great tutorial, Dave: thank you