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Hass PRO said over 1 year ago on Direct Upload Instantly :
Great episode as usual David. How would we handle orphaned images in the case of uploading images on a new action that does not get saved? Since the images are still created and uploaded.

Hass PRO said over 1 year ago on Purge Orphaned Active Storage Records :
Thank you David, I really appreciate you following up with an entire episode. 

Hass PRO said about 1 year ago on AWS App Runner :
Great episode David. It's strange that we're still not past Heroku's convenience. I would've imagined deployment in 2021 to be closer to that experience but it's still not.

Hass PRO said 11 months ago on Importmaps in Rails 7 :
I've been experimenting with the new approaches that DHH has laid out. I've been kung-fu fighting with esbuild-rails and finally got it working with a good setup. There are some nuisances especially with Tailwind JIT but I'm just happy to see the back of webpack.

I hope you'll continue covering how to get into a webpacker-less setup! I can't wait. I'd love if you covered using Vite.js with Stimulus and Tailwind.

Great video as always David. Thanks for using Rails 6 instead of 7 too!

Hass PRO said 8 months ago on Dynamic Select Forms with Hotwire :
Hi David, great episode. Can I just confirm with you which part of Turbo specifically requires Redis+ActionCable? 

I'd like to use turbo without the Redis+ActionCable dependency and the features that rely on them.