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Erick said over 2 years ago on FullCalendar Events and Scheduling :


I enjoyed your video_cast episode on full_calendar and have tried to implement, but seem to be missing some key parts:  1) you mention visitor/view, but give no background on who/what/why that view is needed, nor what its db would contain, 2) using Ruby 2.4.0-rc1 and rails 5.0.1, my application tries to open html code instead of json -- how dit you create your scaffold/modify routes/or ?? to stop that behavior for the full_calendar actions?, and finally, 3) do you have a copy of this rails app demo for download?

Would like to know if this is a rails 5/ruby issue or my bad typing. 

Thanks for your consideration.

Erick said over 2 years ago on FullCalendar Events and Scheduling :

Thank you for your response.

Yes I am (mostly) getting json actions. I have a problem since you call templates _new and _edit, and application.json.erb, you give no indicator of what should / may be in those files.

Would you be willing to share the code for the missing modules? I also get an error undefined method `midnight' for nil:Nil in all_day_event?

Again, thank you for your consideration. Your presentation has come the closest to working of the several other "add full calendar" to rails tutorials that I have tried to implement. I have found that I had to change the suffix 'js' to 'son' on the new.json.erb and _new.json.erb files for rails5 not to complain about missing templates. In your video cast, I can see that you call out 'js' as you show on the page of content under the video. ????

Erick said over 2 years ago on FullCalendar Events and Scheduling :


Looks great.  I need to read up on Faker used in the seed.  I have never seen that but I easily see its value.

Thank you so much for making the code available!  I will be able to study and lean from it for quite a while.

Thanks again.

Erick said over 2 years ago on FullCalendar Events and Scheduling :

I intend to incorporate your code into an app I am creating for a friend who wants to be an author.  As your seed program shows, it can be easy to overload the viewer.  To simplify, I plan to add to the event record a couple of additional fields, and provide a mechanism preferably on the calendar itself where the additional fields would have collection_select menus for the new event record entries (multiple selections allowed).  He could then have calendar views for specific objects (characters, story plot, etc.).  In addition, one of the fields would hold an 'offset' value which would override the and move it forward/backward in time.   Thus if he were writing a period piece about the 15th century, I would expect the calendar for that selected calendar year would show up in the calendar view; i.e., "Feb 2017" would become "Feb 1517" if the offset were -500 years.

Doing a code search for date variations does not show me where that banner date value is being generated.  

Any hints or comments that you or your viewers might be willing to share?