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bigwheeler PRO said over 4 years ago on Google Maps API with StimulusJS :
Noooo not React! If you’re going to do that, do it for Stimulus or Vue. Maybe one of the reasons Stimulus hasn’t taken off is that there’s not a site like this to champion it and offer such a high level of educational resources. 

I know it’s selfish, but personally I can’t stand working with React. Vue and Stimulus work much closer to the way my brain works when I think about front end components. 

bigwheeler PRO said about 4 years ago on Deploying to Heroku :
An amazing follow up for this would be how to use Heroku with RDS Postgres (and/or Redis), so that when you've outgrown Heroku, your data is already in AWS and you don't have to worry about migrating it when you make the switch! 

bigwheeler PRO said over 3 years ago on Creating and Reading QR Codes :
'Flaky' is like 'unreliable.' Something you can't depend on to work properly 100% of the time.