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ahmad19 PRO said over 6 years ago on More on GraphQL - Organizing and Refactoring :
There is something i would like to bring to your notice. If you can take a look at interface, fragments as well. They also add up a resuability factor in there. If you can create a tutorial with it, it would be nice. Thanks for this episode.

ahmad19 PRO said over 6 years ago on Turbolinks iOS Hybrid App :
Awesome !!

ahmad19 PRO said over 5 years ago on 3 Different Perspectives of Importing Records :
For the last case, what if we do the import in batches ? Will that be benefical in terms of memory usage ?

ahmad19 PRO said over 4 years ago on Gmail and Ruby :
gmail gem is outdate. [google-api-ruby-client](http://https://github.com/googleapis/google-api-ruby-client) is another option and [this](http://https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/quickstart/ruby) is a quick guide.

ahmad19 PRO said 4 months ago on Streaming LLM Responses :
Love this episode. It has helped me to get started with AI models. thank you