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afonso.pimentel said over 1 year ago on DataTables :

Hi. I found your post very helpful and I thank you very much for taking time to build such clear and helpful posts.
I have an issue that only started to happen after I modified my datatable to server side processing following the instructions in your video.
What started to happen was this.
I have a webapp with a header with some menu options. One of the options is a link to the users index page.
If I create or update a user, my application redirects to that user show page - let's assume I just created user #10. So after the creation I'm at url /users/10.
This is fine up until this point. When I click on the users index link to see all the users is when the issue happens.
I can see in the logs that the correct controller and method is called - users controller and index method.
The page starts to load, I see the title of the page and the columns headers, but then I get and error - the JSON response is not what it was expected.
In the logs, after the call for the index page, another request was made (same url as the detail of the user with some extra params: ?draw=1....). So it starts a GET to /users/10?draw=1...
I do not know where this call is made. I have no idea what to do and it would be great if you could provide some help about this.
Thanks in advance.
Afonso Pimentel