fmartinez PRO said 8 months ago :
I've follow a Current Attribuites tutorial on this forum
My experience with it was that I open 2 browser, register with 2 users... and the last user register was the Current.user for all
I felt that it was a global variable for all users (this is an statement I produce without much knowledge)
Didn't dig much into it due I had other options to explore

I would love to go for a stimulus controller that updates everything once turbo finish render, that will mean morphing (that I think is coming soon for hotwire)
Must add that it made me appreciate a little bit more react once I found this issue

For your workaround... I was trying to do something similar... but... it was so much easier doing with Javascript (plain javascript)
Anyhow, if I do it that way, I will create a partial for broadcast that includes a request back the current user, and, another partial for full page render without that query