Santhosh Narayana said 3 months ago :
Hi David,
I am trying to follow As I am in Rails 7 I am using importmap. I am trying to pin the files in node_modules (yarn)  using the below but it doesn't work.

pin "@fullcalendar/core", to: "./node_modules/@fullcalendar/core"
pin "@fullcalendar/daygrid", to: "./node_modules/@fullcalendar/daygrid"
pin "@fullcalendar/interaction", to: "./node_modules/@fullcalendar/interaction"
pin "@fullcalendar/timegrid", to: "./node_modules/@fullcalendar/timegrid"

Do you have any suggestions? I wanted to use fullcalendar in my project but none of the fullcalendar videos are working for me. Thanks