#41 DRY up your Javascript 8-8-2016

Learn how avoid duplicate code to reuse existing javascript.
rails view performance 3 Comments 4:30 min

#33 Progressive Render 6-13-2016

Slow content got you down? Load it later! Use this gem to defer loading of portions of your page until after load. They will be fetched via AJAX and placed on the page when ready.
rails performance ajax view 2 Comments 3:26 min

#30 Eager Loading with Goldiloader 5-23-2016

Wouldn't it be awesome if ActiveRecord didn't make you think about eager loading and it just did the "right" thing by default? With Goldiloader it can!
rails performance model 2 Comments 3:09 min

#24 Fragment Caching 4-14-2016

Make your application faster by leveraging memory and caching fragments of your view.
rails caching performance 4 Comments 7:07 min

#21 Not RJS and Turbolinks - Part 2 11-25-2015

A continuation from Episode 20 where we explore rendering the user's edit pages in a modal on a per request basis. Instead of rendering all modals for the users in the index, we will request them using remote javascript.
rails view performance javascript 0 Comments 6:09 min