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#214 Plugging in AnyCable 11-3-2019

ActionCable can handle quite a bit of traffic, but it gets to a point where it can become a burden on the server. With AnyCable, we can not only handle more traffic, but it is also lighter on the resources.
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#205 Push Notifications with ActionCable 9-1-2019

In this episode, we look into using Push Notifications within our Rails application and then using ActionCable to broadcast Push Notifications to the user.
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#190 Realtime Client Updates from Background Jobs with Stimulus 5-26-2019

Using RailsUJS, ActiveJob, ActionCable and Stimulus, we create a realtime feedback for background jobs running to provide a better user experience.
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#39 ActionCable - Part 3 - Securing Your WebSockets 7-24-2016

Using authentication and authorization, lock down your ActionCable WebSockets so that messages are only sent and received to the intended users.
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#38 ActionCable - Part 2 - More Complex Example 7-17-2016

Extending the previous episode, we look into making a realtime poll application where users can get live feedback on voting.
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