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Like Relationships and Global ID 13:27

#223 Like Relationships and Global ID 1-5-2020

In this episode we create a Like/Unlike system where users can like posts and use Global ID to obfuscate IDs.
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Grab Bag of Ruby and Ruby on Rails Tricks 12:35 CC

#158 Grab Bag of Ruby and Ruby on Rails Tricks 11-4-2018

In this episode, we look at various tips and tricks.
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Polymorphic Associations 10:31

#98 Polymorphic Associations 9-17-2017

Advancing from Single Table Inheritance, learn how Polymorphic Associations differ and tricks to simplify their usage.
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Single Table Inheritance 8:33

#97 Single Table Inheritance 9-10-2017

Learn to use single table inheritance to allow multiple classes to be stored in the same database table.
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Counter Cache Associations 3:54

#78 Counter Cache Associations 5-1-2017

When displaying a count of records, this will generate extra SQL Queries. Learn how to reduce the number of SQL queries called with counter caching the number of associated records.
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