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#230 Streaming Videos with Active Storage 2-23-2020

Video.js is a web video player built from the ground up for an HTML5 world. Learn how to use it with StimulusJS and Active Storage to deliver video content from your Ruby on Rails application.
pro rails active storage stimulusjs javascript 0 Comments

#229 Action Text Mentions and Notifications 2-16-2020

In this episode, learn how to configure user mentions in Action Text with TributeJS and notify users whenever they are mentioned.
pro rails javascript stimulusjs action text 3 Comments

#228 API Structure and Error Handling 2-9-2020

We look at consistency in a Rails API structure and handling errors.
pro rails api error 12 Comments

#226 In Depth with Docker Compose 1-26-2020

A deep dive into using Docker to streamline your development environment.
pro rails docker 2 Comments

#225 From Devise to Auth0 1-19-2020

Continuing from the previous episode, we look at the transition process from Devise to Auth0.
pro rails authentication 2 Comments